Monday, May 18, 2009


Whitney played soccer this was her first time since she was four. OK, so you know when your kid's on the stinky team and they aren't very good, but they're just so darn cute out there on the field it doesn't matter. Well, that was NOT the case this year! Whitney's team kicked some major hinney and Whitney is so darn good (I am fully taking resposibility for this one Tom!...after all she is half mine :)). We told her she is like a giraffe out there. Taller and skinnier than everyone (Ok that's from Tom), but so graceful! You would think she couldn't control those long wirey appendages, but she was in total control. It was so much fun to go to the games and be on the best team and cheer on the best player!!!

Daughter's Day!

Each year my mom takes all of us daughters to a Mother's Day dinner. She says it's because we made her a CUTE! She got us all matching PJs and we had a fun dinner with the sisters (and few of the babies). I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful mom and sisters I consider my best friends.

Mother's Day

Trevor's preschool did a Mother's Day program. The kids sing songs to their mothers (Trevor hid behind all the other kids so i couldn't see him...he's embarassed) and then give us muffins and juice (my muffin had a bite taken out of it...he is Tom's child after all, and the jokes never seem to end!). It was a cute little program and I just LOVE my little Trev!!!

For Mother's Day Tom makes all the meals for the day and cleans up (him and the kids), while I get ready for the day, take naps, and whatever else I want. Each year Tom seems to get better at cooking (one year, I got hotdogs and eggs for breakfast!) and also gets more creative. This Mother's Day was the best!! Tom never cooks during the year...I mean never! I rule the kitchen, it's like an unspoken law :) Mother's Day is Tom's one and only cooking day, and this year he did an unbelievable job! Check it out!

Breakfast was a waffle (home made by Weston!). Tom actually put one chocolate chip in each waffle square!! Then covered it with whipped cream (he whipped it can!!!) and berries, and then put scrambled eggs all around. He even made his presentation something impressive, all the while impressing me :)

Dinner is filet mignon, lobster tail, crab legs, spinach salad with sunflower seeds, and a baked potato!! Also, check out the butters that he made for dipping (onion, garlic, seasoned salt, and lemon pepper)...can you believe him!?! Extra points this Mother's Day!


Weston started playing lacrosse this spring. He loves it! If any of you have not watched a are missing out. It is a very violent can really freak you out to watch you son get beaten half to death or to inflict the beating on someone else (which was usually the case since Weson is a foot taller and 20 lbs. heavier than the other players). All in all, though, it has been a fun lacrosse season, and we are sad it's over.

Spencer and Weston joined the team they can eat, sleep, and play lacrosse together!

Out for Dinner

This is what the Prince kids do given the opportunity to eat in public...they are directly related to Tom, would you expect anything less?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Six Tunnels at Hoover Dam 5K

Weston and I did a 5K just before St. Patrick's Day...Weston ran it (and ran it fast!) and I walk/ran it (not so fast).


This an everyday, multiple times a day occurance at home for the last few weeks. I'm hoping the dog food curiousity wears off soon!

I laughed...and laughed some more!

I just have to post the question I was asked earlier today by Trevor. So, we were driving in the car this morning and Trevor says,"what are nutins?" I was trying to think what on earth he might have mistaken this word for. I answered, "you mean nuts?" Trevors sings, "no nutins! Like I'm gettin nutins for Christmas cause I ain't been nothing but bad!" AHHHHH...I laughed so hard...he is too CUTE!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cutest Kids in Town!

My cute sister Jenny took pictures of my kids last week...she does such a good job! The secret is -- you need about 50 pictures of each kid to get the "good one!" Here's one of many pictures that I just love.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


We had our ward Valentine's party. It was for adults only...Lily must think she is so special, she was the only kid there.

Here are the cookies Tom and I made for each other. Can you guess which one Tom made? At first I was irritated he made a heart with a knife through it. All the other husbands made cookies with "nice" things on them. Then he said it was supposed to be cupid's arrow going through his heart...OK, he's forgiven!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ring Bolt Rapids

So, Tom took the kids (excluding Lily) on a little campout. They hiked about 3 miles to their destination and had an overnighter. They carried backpacks, ate dehydrated food, had a fire, and even slept under the stars! Lily and I stayed at home...I realize I missed out, but I was not about to take all that on with a 6 month old. The kids got to play in the hot springs there too. Tom has been there many times, and many times has ran into the "nudists" that seem really like the springs too. Thank goodness none showed up that children weren't scarred for life!


I now have some help with my "computer illiteracy!" Cathy Snavely has come to hold my hand and finally get this started!